What Happens When... by Delphine Chedru

What Happens When...

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What happens to all the things that we lose or let go? The balloon that floats off into the sky, the sock that slides behind the radiator, the bucket swallowed by waves or our shadows when the sun goes down?

In the unique style of French graphic designer Delphine Chedru, this book encourages the early reader to imagine all sorts of items that have disappeared out of sight. Provoking joyful curiosity, each page opens out to reveal one of a myriad of possibilities limited only by the imagination.

Delphine Chedru is a graphic designer and comic books colourist. The author of over thirteen books for children, she was the winner of the Prix P’tits Mômes in 2009. she lives and works in Paris.

  • 32 pages with 13 gatefolds
  • Hardback