This Way, That Way


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In this fun flip-and-fold book, opening and closing, folding and unfolding the pages creates new colourful shapes and characters. It’s a different story every time! 

An introduction to shapes and colours, This Way, That Way is fun and endlessly surprising. The pages of the book, which are die-cut and impressed with fold lines, feature a sequence of brightly coloured smiling shapes. As the reader toys with the pages, colourful characters in the shapes of squares, circles, lines and outlines start to relate to one another in new ways. 

Rendered in bold colours and clean lines, Antonio Ladrillo’s wordless, playful artwork is an ideal way to introduce young children to the language of visual art in a memorable way. 

Antonio Ladrillo is a graphic artist based in Valencia. 

Suitable for ages 0-5

  • 24 pages
  • Hardback
  • 18cm x 18cm

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