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Backpack - Black

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This Mini-me backpack is packed with functional features that make life easier travelling with a little one.

Perfect for between ages 2-4 years but still very useful and cute for ages 1-5 years.

The bag features reflective strips for extra safety on all 3 panels (front and both sides) detachable safety harness and chest strap to keep the bag secure even over the thickest of winter jackets. The bag also features a unique strap construction which allows it to be attached to scooter handles.

  • Size - 30cm x 20cm x 7.5cm
  • Weight - 0.38kg
  • Capacity - 4.5L
  • Care - Put the bag on a gentle wash, not too hot, and make sure its fully dry before use. It should come out nice and sparkly clean.
  • The bags are generally waterproof. However, it must be said that the zips are normal fabric and not specifically waterproof and the construction of some of the bags are not entirely watertight.