Curating this year's best designs for the modern family.
Founded in 2013, ANNUAL STORE is a product of motherhood, a passion for unique design and an exploration into making the world for children stimulating and fun.
There is always meaning and purpose behind everything we do. From the products we source to our name, ANNUAL. We are here for you and your little ones all year round. For new babies and birthdays, pre-schoolers to new schoolers, play time or story time, year after year. ANNUAL encompasses the ever precious time we spend with our children, and we want to enrich these moments by providing you with a carefully selected range of products that help develop your child’s imagination, creativity, personality and identity and more.
We’ve discovered and collected some pioneering brands that have strong vision and environmental awareness in the world of children’s design. They widen the stereotypical spectrum of blues and pinks and provide a neutral playground and wardrobe for your child.
We haven’t just chosen these things to keep your little ones quiet. Every product offers longevity from the quality materials used, eco-awareness, design flair and clever function. Each item has been chosen because it serves a purpose; to entertain, to educate or to encourage your child’s individuality.