Smiski are curious little glow in the dark creatures that love hiding in small spaces and little corners of your room. Although they like to stay hidden, you might discover one at night as they mysteriously glow in the dark.
There are all different types of Smiskis, each one with their own character and personality. Smiskis come in a blind box, so you own't know what you get until you open it! In each series there is a surprise secret figure to collect. The perfect pocket money treat! 
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Smiski Minifigures - Yoga Series
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Smiski Minifigures - Living Series
Smiski Minifigures - Series 1
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Smiski Minifigures - Bed Series
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Smiski Minifigures - Bath Series
Smiski Minifigures - Series 2
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Smiski Minifigures - Series 4
Smiski Minifigures - Series 3
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