SHUSHA is a brand of games inspired by innovative ideas and with a common recognisable styling.
SHUSHA toys are unlike any others, they combine values equally important to parents and children. On the one hand, SHUSHA toys are traditional and safe high-quality educational toys made of natural resources and pleasant to hold, fit to be passed over generations. On the other hand, they are innovative and attractive modern games with a multitude of possible outcomes and their styling is based on late 19th and early 20th century Russian art.
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Shusha Toys - Make A Portrait Wooden Playset
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Shusha Toys - Ladybug Dominos
Shusha Toys - Ant Balancing Game
Shusha Toys - Bees and Honey Card Game
Shusha Toys - Edible / Inedible Wooden Playset
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