Maya, founder of Playin Choc, came up with the concept remebering receiving chocolate with a small toy as child. After becoming a parent and becoming more health conscious and aware of plastic waste, Maya wanted to create a more eco concious, healthier option for children yet still creating the same excitement and nostalgia so Playin Choc was born.
Made using no refined sugars and only 3 natural, organic ingredients of cocoa beans, coconut and vanilla, they are also vegan friendly, planet friendly and a guilt free treat!
The toy aspect also wanted to reflect the brand's values. With a series of fun, educational, self-assembled toys to collect, made entirely from 100% recycled, biodegradable card – including the packaging, this way Playin Choc hopes to excite children about our planet through play.
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Playin Choc Organic Chocolate + Surprise Toy - Dinosaur
Playin Choc Organic Chocolate + Surprise Toy - Endangered Animals
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Playin Choc Organic Chocolate + Surprise Toy - Woodland Animals
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