From the first days, ökoNORM has been loyal to its fundamental principle in development of ecologically-friendly products which have as little as possible impact on the environment and human health in their production, use and disposal.
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Natural Watercolour Paint Box Palette
Magic Markers - 9 Colours + 1 Magic
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Soft Modelling Dough - 6 Colours
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Plastic Free Coloured Modelling Clay - 10 Colours
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Chunky Rainbow Pencil
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Oil Pastels Tin Box Set - 10 Colours
Plastic Free Coloured Modelling Clay - 8 Colours
Soft Modelling Dough - 4 Colours
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Natural Beeswax Crayon Box Set - 12 Colours
Natural Watercolour Individual Paint Box Pans
Natural Beeswax Mini Crayon Box Set - 12 Colours
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