In 1972 a group of 20 or so friends were searching for a common project that would provide both work and a certain way of life. They decided to purchase an old mill, renovated it and formed a commune with their families. Their adventure began with screen printing and craft items and their brand has always maintained the same values of solidarity, sharing and respect.
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Moulin Roty 6 Multicoloured Wax Crayon Blocks
Moulin Roty Set of 9 Ink Stamps - Diggers
Moulin Roty Pack of 7 Scratch Cards
Moulin Roty Magic Spirals
Moulin Roty Wooden Bus with Passengers
Moulin Roty Hopping Spinning Tops
Moulin Roty Set of Wooden Cars and Trucks
Moulin Roty Set of Wooden Cars and Bus
Moulin Roty Set of 40 Building Blocks
Moulin Roty Large Garage
Moulin Roty Set of 12 Ink Stamps - Cranes
Moulin Roty Magic Spirals Set
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