Whether you’re an avid forest schooler or enjoy exploring the outside, use our Forest S'cool wares to collect leaves forest finds, take a closer look at nature, learn about the outside world with our selection of books and much more.
We learn so much from nature so no matter what the weather, get out there and explore!
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Forest S’cool Mini Bag - Olive / Lemon
Wild Wonders Plasters in a Tin
Forest S’cool Mini Bag - Cocoa / Tangerine
Hey Yum! - Magic Forest Organic Candy - Small
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Dual Magnifier
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Dual Magnifier
Hey Yum! - Magic Forest Organic Candy - Large
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Match A Leaf - A Tree Memory Game
Pressed Flower Frame
Spotty Dawdlers - Pavement Explorer Nature Spotting Book
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Spotty Dawdlers - Garden Bird Nature Spotting Book
Through the Forest - ANNUAL STORE
Spotty Dawdlers - Flora Finder Nature Spotting Book
A Pile Of Leaves
Spotty Dawdlers - Minibeast Seeker Nature Spotting Book
Tree Vision - Know Your Trees in 30 Cards
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In The Garden
In The Garden
Pick a Flower - A Memory Game
Eperfa - Hillside Beetles
Eperfa - Fishing Bag
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