noun / adj.

1. forest school

2. forest is cool  

Mother Nature was and has been a remedy for many during the pandemic.

This design was created to inspire outdoor exploring, whether it's with your Forest School, with family, friends or support bubble to inspire connecting with nature and learning about the world around us and to bring calm amid the chaos.

FOREST S'COOL™ was inspired by my original HOME S'COOL™ phrase, with the intention of incorporating, advocating for and highlighting the vast amount of environments we can learn from, both before, during and after the pandemic.

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Forest S'Cool Hoodie - Mustard / Clover
Forest S'Cool T Shirt - Cocoa / Liquorice
Forest S'Cool T Shirt - Sage / Clover
Forest S'Cool T Shirt - Mustard / Cocoa
Forest S’cool Mini Bag - Olive / Lemon
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