Once upon a time there was a clothing brand that spoke the language of children…
Founded in 2008, Bobo Choses love creating fun clothes in comfortable shapes for kids to play with, writing crazy children books that give meaning to their collections and designing beautiful objects that lift your feet off the ground. They working in an old toy factory two blocks away from the Mediterranean Sea and learning local manufacturers’ know-how. They describe themselves as being kids stuck inside adults - acting seriously funny and caring for the world and everything that is a part of it.
Bobo Choses love to have fun!
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Bobo Choses Pollen Sleeveless Playsuit
Bobo Choses Apples Pockets Playsuit
Bobo Choses Lines Straight Pants
Bobo Choses Lines Chino Bermuda Shorts
Bobo Choses Pollen Shorts
Bobo Choses Vichy Jumpsuit
Bobo Choses Animals Zipped Jacket
Bobo Choses Paul’s Dog Round Neck Sweatshirt
Bobo Choses Pomme De Terre Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Bobo Choses Apples Buttons T-Shirt
Bobo Choses Dandelion Buttons T-Shirt
Bobo Choses Open Linen Tank Top
Bobo Choses Apples Linen Tank Top
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Bobo Choses Bees Linen T-Shirt
Bobo Choses Dandelion Linen T-Shirt
Bobo Choses Tangerine Dreams Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Bobo Choses Apples And Pears Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Bobo Choses Yes No Tights - ANNUAL STORE
Bobo Choses Yes No Tights
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Bobo Choses Merino Squares Jumper - ANNUAL STORE
55 results
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