Scrollino - Aniquarium

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Scrollino Aniquarium is our very unique animated fish bowl. So dive in! 

Dive into the magic of this hand-operated magic movie reel. Swim with the fish in this animated Scrollino by turning the pencil slowly in the top Scroller. Watch the fish’s story through the cutout window. Go with the flow and dive into the Aniquarium!

Scrollino is not only exciting, fun, and inspiring, it is also fully recyclable and compostable as we use high-quality organic materials. The box is made of FSC certified, natural feel acid-free heavyweight paper 130lb / 350gsm, for the rolls we use a custom-made paper perfect to be recycled, the Scrollers are moulded from recycled wood, and our pencils are made of natural wood.

Scrollino® consists of a unique rewinding mechanism (The Scroller), a Scrollino box, and a paper roll to unwind at your own pace. To open the Scrollino simply pull on the tab (Paper Lip) to reveal the activity. The Paper Lip not only protects the paper roll, it also serves to prevent the paper from disappearing once you rewind your Scrollino.

Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin invented the Scrollino® to get you as creative as possible! In the Scrollino My First Comic experience this new exciting format yourself. Create your own story, design your characters, or use your favourite ones. Comic frames are already drawn, but it is up to you how you will fill it up. So let your imagination fly free!

Wish to pack it up or take it with you for a trip with the kids? Each Scrollino comes with a wooden pencil. Insert the pencil in the Scroller and turn clockwise to rewind and you are ready to go! Don’t worry if you can’t find the original one, the Scroller works with most standard pens and pencils (hexagonal, rounded, triangular, etc.).

  • Size - 1.76 metres long
  • Material - Paper 100% compostable
  • Contents - 1 pencil included
  • For ages 3 - 103


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